Frequently Asked Questions

1 Jun 2017 | Last update: 28 Jun 2019

Please note this FAQ is specific to trips on Gemini. For trips on other boats, please read the information provided on the booking pages.

How can we make our final payment?
For trips on Gemini you can pay by bank transfer (see bank transfer details) or you can pay the skipper at the start of your trip. You must bring cash if you will pay the skipper - we do not have card payment facilities on the boat.
For trips on other boats please check the instructions you received when making your booking.
How fit do we need to be?
The cruise is a relaxing trip, not a work-out, so fitness isn't an issue.
However, to board the boat you do need to climb a couple of steps up the boarding ladder. If you have any problems with mobility, let me know, and I will arrange to collect you from the fuel dock, where you can simply step aboard.
Can we join another group?
No. All trips are private and it is not possible to join with other groups.
Is there a toilet on board?
Yes, but it can be a bit of a challenge with the boat moving through the waves! Probably best to go before the trip.
What about seasickness?
Gemini is very heavy for a boat of her size, which makes her a particularly steady boat. But if you are sensitive to motion sickness, I recommend a medicine called "Stugeron" (generic name - Cinnarizine). You can get it over the counter at any pharmacy. Take one tablet about an hour before sailing.
If you do feel queasy on the boat, the best advice is to lie on your back and close your eyes (yes, really!) for a few minutes. It works wonders for most people.
Can we bring food or drinks with us?
Yes! You can bring anything you like. Beers, soft drinks and water is provided on the boat, and also napkins and disposable cups, plates, and cutlery. You can also order a bottle of cava during the booking process, but you are totally welcome to bring your own if you prefer.
What about smoking?
No problem. Feel free to smoke on deck. No smoking inside the boat.
What footwear should we wear?
Something comfortable and practical. High heels should be avoided, both for your own safety, and to prevent damaging the wooden decks.
Can we stop for a swim?
Yes! If the sea is calm enough. It usually is, especially in the morning. It should be warm enough for the braver swimmers in late May. The rest of us might prefer to wait until mid-June for the temperature to rise a little more.
Can we play music?
I don't have a music player on the boat but sometimes people bring a player with them and that's perfectly OK. I'm hoping to fit a player to the boat this summer.
Do we need to know anything about sailing?
Absolutely not! The skipper will do the sailing, while you do the relaxing! But if you do want to get involved in sailing the boat, that's fine as well.
I carry full public liability and accident insurance. I do not have any coverage for clients' personal belongings.
Where can we leave a review?
If you enjoyed your trip on Gemini, I would very much appreciate it if you can take a moment to write a review on TripAdvisor or Google

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Croisière côtière méditerranéenne

Ma fille et moi nous arrêtions à Barcelone pour la semaine pour ses vacances de printemps. Nous ne connaissions pas la ville, ou avons des plans, donc à la volée, nous avons trouvé cette croisière Voilier, signé et est allé. C'était très facile à réserver, très facile à trouver, et une expérience agréable tout autour. Le capitaine Dave était super gentil. Il a répondu aux questions, et nous a parlé au besoin, et aussi, nous a permis de simplement se détendre sur le devant du bateau et profiter de la vue. C'était un grand moment, et si vous voulez vous éloigner de l'agitation de la ville et profiter d'un peu de paix et de tranquillité avec une vue magnifique, je recommande vivement ce voyage.
jontravels2018 | Destin, Floride | 31 March 2018

Great day at sea!

Everything was very easy from booking to meeting and then a very enjoyable day out on the ocean. Take your own food and drinks on and relax! I would happily do again on our next trip to Barcelona!
SimonD1986 | Londres, Royaume-Uni | 1 September 2018

Excellent Cruise

Our sailing trip with Captain Dave was the best part of our trip to Barcelona! We went on a sunset cruise and the weather was perfect. Dave was very accommodating with our plans and responded quickly to emails related to our trip. He even gave us an excellent suggestion for a great seafood dinner. He was a most excellent host! If you’re in Barcelona you should take a cruise with Dave!
chuckiefresh | St. Pete, FL | 19 August 2014


Dave n'aurait pas pu être un meilleur capitaine. Il était arrangeant, intéressant et un grand capitaine. Nager hors du bateau était fantastique. La famille a passé une journée parfaite ! Nous étions censés être dehors pendant 7 heures, mais Dave l'a étendu à plus de 8. C'était super.
Wkohn | | 19 August 2013

Super voyage à la voile

Naviguer sur Gemini hors de Port Olympic est absolument splendide. C'était un voyage si remarquable que je suis allé deux fois en un mois. Bien lu et plutôt charismatique, Skipper Dave est un homme de première classe et très professionnel. Il est attentif aux besoins de ses passagers et très arrangeant. Si vous vous promenez à l'arrière du bateau, il a obtenu quelques belles histoires et des conseils sur la visite BCN. Je recommande absolument de réserver un voyage sur Gemini avec Dave. C'est un voyage dont nous nous souvenons toujours.
Chambiges | Bloomington, Indiana | 17 July 2015

Perfect day!

I would highly recommend spending a day sailing along the Barcelona coast with Captain Dave. We were out for a 7 hour cruise, although by the time we docked it was closer to 8 hours (not a complaint!). As soon as we slipped away from the dock the temperature dropped from hot and sticky to sunny and warm. The noise and crowds of the busy, steamy city were quickly a memory and we spent a beautiful serene afternoon gently swaying up the coast and back.
FTA269 | Sutton, Massachusetts | 20 August 2013

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