Skipper Dave is obsessed by the sea

21 Nov 2018 | Last update: 29 Aug 2019

You could say I have a one track mind. The sea. But it's not a narrow track. The sea is big and a lifetime is not enough to encompass it.

My relationship with the sea started in childhood. I was a voracious reader, and my favourite books were adventures on the sea. Whether true stories or fiction, I couldn't get enough of that stuff.

Not coming from a family with a background on the sea, nor having bundles of spare cash lying around to indulge expensive hobbies, it took a while before I owned my first boat. But in 2008, I sold my house, bought the most beautiful boat I could find, and set off on an adventure voyage around the UK and then onwards to the Mediterranean. And I've been here ever since.

For most of the year I teach Mediterranean Oceanography, Climate Change, and other environmental science courses to international undergraduate students spending a year in Barcelona. When the students go home in the spring, I leave the lecture hall and take to the sea, sharing a few hours on the water with guests from all over the world. It's a hard life, but hey, someone has to do it!

My teaching keeps me grounded in the bigger picture. On a sparkling summer day sailing on the Mediterranean it can seem like the world is in great shape. The truth is, we're edging closer and closer to the tipping point where the pressures of our modern lifestyle are pushing the ecosystem to its limits. The signs are clear, for those with eyes to see. We call these people scientists, and we better start listening to them before it's too late. The consequences of ignoring their warnings will not be visited on us, but on our children.

But it's not all doom and gloom. The science also shows us that nature is resilient. Nature has the capacity to support the lifestyles we want, but we need to step up to the challenge and control the worst excesses of our resource-stripping industries. History will judge our generation for the choices we make right now. It's daunting, and invigorating, to be alive at such a momentous time.

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Nuestra 1a vela en el Mediterráneo

Voy a prefacio este post con: sólo para que sepas que mi esposa y yo corremos, navegamos y navegamos nuestro propio barco y navegando por el Mediterráneo es un sueño de mucho tiempo y planeamos venir a pasar un buen par de años en estas aguas protegidas seguras y divertidas entre Africa y Europa dividir.
djekels | Chicago | 4 June 2015

Gran manera de relajarse entre las actividades turísticas en Barcelona

Disfrutamos de una vela encantadora. Hermoso clima y la cordialidad de Dave lo hizo aún mejor. La vela fue un gran paréntesis de la avalancha de la carrera alrededor de los sitios turísticos de la ciudad.
BruceMAnderson | Houston | 27 June 2015

What an amazing trip!

My wife and I had such an amazing time on Skipper Dave's sailboat. Definitely the highlight of our time in Barcelona.
Michael A | | 10 August 2015

¡Brillante! ¡Una mañana perfecta!

Una maravillosa mañana de sol y mar, disfrutada enormemente por adultos y niños por igual (11 y 15). Dave es un anfitrión amable, bien informado, pero no en absoluto intrusivo - muy amable cuando los niños querían detener el barco y nadar. Mucho más personal que uno de los operadores más turísticos que vimos partir justo antes que nosotros. No hay mejor manera de pasar una mañana soleada en Barcelona.
GemmaRLondon | Londres | 8 June 2018

Awesome and relaxing

Awesome sailing trip and really relaxing! If u like just laying back, talking and enjoying the view this is for you! You get a different vision of Barcelona and Dave is open to answer questions.
Daniel N | | 10 June 2015

¡Gran viaje!

Mi esposa y yo navegamos por la tarde hasta la noche. Nadamos en el Mediterráneo y vimos la puesta de sol sobre Barcelona. Fue una experiencia increíble! Hermoso y relajante. El capitán Dave estuvo genial. Es un capitán de primera clase lleno de conocimiento y conversación agradable, si lo desea. Cuando volvamos, planeamos una excursión más larga en el Gimini con el capitán Dave al timón.
mfrazie | Tyler | 14 July 2015

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