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23 Jul 2017 | Last update: 23 Dec 2020

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AEMet coastal

Source: AEMET

Avisos válidos hasta el miércoles, 22 septiembre 2021 a las 12:00 hora oficial

En aguas costeras de Girona, olas de 3 m del norte al principio. Posibilidad de aguaceros y tormentas muy fuertes en Tarragona al final.


Fecha de inicio: martes, 21 septiembre 2021 a las 12:00 hora oficial
Fecha de fin: miércoles, 22 septiembre 2021 a las 12:00 hora oficial
  • Aguas costeras de Girona

    N y NE 5 a 6 amainando a 4 a 5 en el norte durante la mañana. Fuerte marejada con áreas de gruesa durante la tarde. Algún aguacero o tormenta.

  • Aguas costeras de Barcelona

    N y NE 2 a 4 arreciando a 5 a 6 durante la noche. Marejada aumentando a fuerte marejada. Algún aguacero.

  • Aguas costeras de Tarragona

    Componente N 3 a 5 rolando a NE 2 a 4 durante la tarde y arreciando a NE 4 a 6 de madrugada. Marejada aumentando a fuerte marejada. Aguaceros y tormentas.


Fecha de inicio: miércoles, 22 septiembre 2021 a las 12:00 hora oficial
Fecha de fin: jueves, 23 septiembre 2021 a las 12:00 hora oficial
Se esperan condiciones de aviso en: Aguas costeras de Barcelona, Aguas costeras de Tarragona


Cross La Garde NAVTEX forecast

Source: Cross La Garde



Metarea III (West) high seas forecast

Source: High seas

FQMQ54 LFPW 210706 Weather bulletin on METAREA 3, METEO-FRANCE Toulouse, Tuesday 21 September 2021 at 09 UTC

Wind speed in BEAUFORT SCALE. Sea state in DOUGLAS SCALE. Please be aware, wind gusts can be a further 40 percent stronger than the averages given here, and maximum waves may be up to twice the significant height.

Part 1 : NO WARNING.

Part 2 : General synopsis, Tuesday 21 at 00 UTC High pressures 1020/1022 hPa in north of basin. Low area 1014 hPa near Algerian coasts with little move.

Part 3 : Area forecasts to Wednesday 22 at 12 UTC EAST OF CABRERA. East or Northeast 4 to 6, decreasing 3 to 5 tomorrow morning. Gusts. Moderate. Moderate visibility by thundersqualls.

BALEARES, MINORQUE. Northeasterly 5 or 6. Gusts. Moderate. Moderate visibility by thundersqualls.

LION. Northwest or North 5 or 6 decreasing North 4 or 5 at end of night. Gusts. Moderate becoming slight or moderate overnight.

PROVENCE. East or Northeast 3 to 5, locally Northwest 5 in west at first. Moderate, becoming slight in at night. Moderate visibility by thundery showers today.

LIGURE. Northeasterly 3 to 5. Slight. Moderate visibility by thundery showers today.

CORSE. Northeasterly 3 to 5 at times 6 in west of Bonifacio straits tomorrow. Slight locally moderate in south.

SARDAIGNE. Northeasterly 3 to 5, locally increasing East 6 tonight in south, at times 7 near Sardinia. Gusts. Slight or moderate, becoming at times rough in far south. Moderate visibility by thundersqualls.

MADDALENA, ELBE. North or Northeast 2 to 4, temportarily 5 at night in ELBE. Smooth or slight. Moderate visibility by thundery showers.

ALBORAN. East or Northeast increasing 5 or 6 with gusts from east this morning, then at times 7 in east in evening. Slight or moderate, becoming moderate or rough in late afternoon. Thundery rain.

PALOS. Northeast 5 or 6, increasing at times 7 in northwest in evening. Gusts. Moderate, becoming moderate or rough in evening. Thundery rain or showers.

ALGER. East or Northeast 5 or 6, decreasing 4 or 5 in first part of the night, then becoming Variable 2 to 4 in late night. Moderate, becoming slight or moderate at end. Thundery rain or showers.

WEST OF CABRERA. Northeast 5 or 6 with gusts, decreasing 4 or 5 at end. Moderate, temporarily becoming rough in west at midnight. Thundery rain or showers.

ANNABA. East or Northeast 3 or 4, increasing 4 or 5 in afternoon, then 5 or 6 from east in evening, and locally 7 in north tomorrow morning, but Variable 1 to 3 near coast. Slight or moderate, becoming locally rough near Sardinia coast tomorrow morning. Thundery rain or showers in evening.

TUNISIE. Easterly 3 or 4, increasing 4 or 5 in afternoon, locally 6 in far west, then at times 7 in far northwest tomorrow morning. Slight, becoming slight or moderate in evening. Thundery rain or showers overnight.

CARBONARA. East or Northeast 2 to 4, increasing 3 or 4 in afternoon, locally 5 in far southeast, then becoming locally Variable 1 to 3 in north tomorrow morning. Smooth or slight. Thundery rain or showers overnight.

LIPARI. Northeasterly 2 to 4, increasing 3 or 4 in afternoon, at times 5 near coasts, then becoming Variable 1 to 3 tomorrow morning. Slight, becoming smooth tomorrow morning. Some showers, at times thundery.

CIRCEO. Northwesterly 2 to 4, veering Northeasterly in evening, then becoming Variable 1 to 3 at end. Slight, decreasing smooth or slight in evening.

Part 4 : outlook for next 24 hours Persistence of East or Northeast near gale from Alboran sea to Sardinia.

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A perfect way to spend the evening

I booked Classic Sail as a gift for my friends on our last night together in Barcelona. The booking was easy, communication thorough, and it was easy to find the boat. Dave got us out away from some of the noisier groups so we could enjoy a dip in the Mediterranean during the sunset. He was available but unobtrusive, and seems to be a great captain and lovely person. Six thumbs up!
Katy S |

Recommended for families.

My family with two small children aged 2 and 6 had a perfect afternoon sailing with classic sail Barcelona. Friendly captain and lovely views.
Marte T |

Beautiful Day on the Mediterranean!

Our group of 5 spent a 3 hour afternoon sailing on the Gemini with Captain Dave. We couldn't have asked for a better day on the water. Dave is a great captain and took care of all of our needs. The weather cooperated fully and we were able to sail up the coast north of Barcelona seeing the shoreline for quite a while. On the way back the wind picked up and made for a great experience, especially for the first time sailors with us.
Joanne B | Kansas City, Missouri

Great trip on a beautiful boat

Had a great trip with Dave whilst in Barcelona recently. Water was a little choppier than usual so no opportunity to swim but this is clearly out of the skippers hands, no complaints at all there. On a calmer day this would be just about the perfect way to spend an afternoon, cooling down from the August sun. Not your usual everyday sailing trip and all the better for it! All the best for the future of your enterprise Dave.
Jasonab1 | Nottingham, United Kingdom

A lovely way to spent an afternoon!

The whole thing was very straightforward; we emailed Dave asking about certain time slots then reserved one on his website and paid a 30 Euro deposit. We arrived at the dock ahead of time and identified his boat. Dave himself was lovely and very interesting to talk to. It was a bit choppier than we would have liked but what a lovely way to cool down. It was very hot when we were there, about 30 degrees so we enjoyed the break on Dave's boat. All in all a good experience!
Gaynor H | Horsham, United Kingdom

Great afternoon out!!

Having read all the great reviews, we booked this (family of three including 14 year old daughter)... we were not disappointed and had a great afternoon gently sailing around the bay off Barcelona Marina. Dave was a friendly host which made the trip even better... you won't regret booking this.
Will R | Solihull, United Kingdom

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