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23 Jul 2017 | Last update: 23 Dec 2020

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AEMet coastal

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Avisos válidos hasta el sábado, 03 diciembre 2022 a las 20:00 hora oficial

En aguas costeras de Girona, oleaje de 3 m del este.


Fecha de inicio: viernes, 02 diciembre 2022 a las 20:00 hora oficial
Fecha de fin: sábado, 03 diciembre 2022 a las 20:00 hora oficial
  • Aguas costeras de Girona

    N y NE 4 a 6 amainando a 2 a 4 por la tarde. Marejada ocasonalmente fuerte marejada. Mar de fondo del E de 2 a 3 m a partir de la mañana. Aguaceros dispersos.

  • Aguas costeras de Barcelona

    NE 5 a 6 amainando a 4 a 5 durante la noche y a variable 2 a 3 hacia el mediodía. Fuerte marejada disminuyendo a marejadilla con mar de fondo del E de 1 m. Algún aguacero durante la noche.

  • Aguas costeras de Tarragona

    N y NE 3 a 5 rolando a NW de madrugada y amainando a 2 a 3 por la tarde. Fuerte marejada disminuyendo a marejada o marejadilla con mar de fondo del NE de 1 m. Algún aguacero durante la noche.


Fecha de inicio: sábado, 03 diciembre 2022 a las 20:00 hora oficial
Fecha de fin: domingo, 04 diciembre 2022 a las 20:00 hora oficial
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Cross La Garde NAVTEX forecast

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Metarea III (West) high seas forecast

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A beautiful old boat, a wonderful experience

Dave, the skipper and owner of Gemini is a thoroughly lovely guy whose love of his boat and sailing is very evident. The trip was relaxing and we learned much about the boat and sailing and just enjoyed being away from the hustle and bustle of the city. We would thoroughly recommend this trip. The fact that dave is Scottish means there is no language barrier which further enhanced the trip.
Lou_Jenkins | Bury St Edmunds, United Kingdom

Great boat and great skipper.

Great sail boat with an interesting history. Dave is a well-informed Scotsman who has been in Barcelona for almost a decade. He has a great website and I booked a bit in advance and he handled all my questions. We had a rare choppy sea (and some haze) so we missed the swim but the whole afternoon was relaxing.
JohnBoscoChicago_IL | Chicago, IL

Fabulous sunset sail

We had a brilliant time on board Gemini with Dave. Very relaxed and welcoming. It's a beautiful boat and Dave could not to be more helpful or accommodating - and the sunset over the mountains was stunning. You get to see a unique view of the Barcelona skyline and coast and you can either relax with the sails blowing as he skippers or if you want you can help with the piloting of the boat. And it's great value too!!
Elaine S |

wonderful trip

We've had the most wonderful trip with David. The boat is so beautiful and charming. David made the most of out sailing trip and was extremely kind and caring. An absolute must in Barcelona. Thanx David and all the best...
Luisa_xoxo | Hamburg, Germany


If you want to go sailing for a few hours on a 1940s sail boat then do this. I came across another provider with good reviews but it was a modern catamaran which didn't interest me.
DalBelloV | Barcelona, Spain

Could not have had a better first-time sailing experience

This was a weekend of firsts - first time in Barcelona, first time on a sailboat, first time on the Mediterranean. Skipper Dave's sailing cruise operation is as skillful as it is courteous. Whether you're into talking about the techniques and history of sailing or just sitting back and enjoying the views and sounds of sailing off the coast at Barcelona this is an experience worth every Euro.
Keith H |

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