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Year-round sailing trips

Barcelona is a true 365 day tourist destination city, with the weather to match. At least, most of the time.

We sail all year, but of course in winter it's colder, there are more days with stormy weather, and it's even been known to rain a few days a month and be cloudy maybe a few more.

But with our good weather guarantee, you can book your day trip year-round with confidence.

Of course, we can't manipulate the weather, but we know most of our clients are hoping for a day sailing in the Barcelona sunshine.

So, whether it's the middle of August or the middle of February, if you look at the skies an hour before your departure and you don't like what you see, simply call us and cancel. We will - happily - refund your deposit. Or you can re-schedule for another day, as you wish.

We think that more than 95% of the time in summer, and 75-80% of the time in winter, the sun is shining and the sailing is beautiful in Barcelona. The rest of the time - we don't want to force anyone to sail in the rain.

Unless you want to. Sailing in the rain can be a magical thing. But it's totally up to you.

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Conditions now: 12°C (53°F) air, 12°C (54°F) sea. Beaufort 3 gentle breeze, onshore (7.9kn 157°). 1011.5 hPa, 78% humidity, 0.0mm ppt. Swell 0.1m 4 s E.

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